Connect FAQs

Q. What is the authorisation process? What is it for?

A. To connect with Viewture, we ask that you fill out a short form so we can obtain your contact details. We only use your details to contact you about an offer. We never sell or send your details to any third party.
Following this, you will be asked to “Sign in with Google”. You should select the account that is linked to your YouTube channel and consent to sharing your data with Viewture.

Q. Why do I need to authorise? Why can’t you just value my channel?

A. To be able to provide an offer to you, we need view access to monetary and non-monetary data to assess your channel. Google does not allow access to monetary data without your consent.

Q. What data do you access to provide your offer?

A. We access Google APIs to obtain data like views, subscribers, titles, durations and income for each of your videos.

Q. Why should I give you access to my channel? How can I trust a third-party that I have never spoken to before?

A. Viewture has an extensive history working with top content creators worldwide. When you authorise with us, we only look at channel data with read access. We cannot access your dashboard, manage your channel or create/amend/delete any of your videos. Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are available on our website.

Q. Why have you contacted me to authorise again?

A. Connects with Viewture are 99.9% successful. However, you may have not given full consent to access your data during the process or you may have authorised an incorrect channel. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you will try again.


Q. When will I receive details of my offer?

A. A Viewture representative will be in touch with you shortly. A typical deal can be finalised within 7 days.

Q. How much will I make?

A. Your offer will depend on many factors determined by our Viewture analytics engine, iQuant. Characteristics such as audience, repeat viewership and content are taken into account. Your offer letter from Viewture will have full details of your proposed deal.

Q. What sort of deals can Viewture offer?

A. We offer flexibility to creators whether they want to monetise their existing video assets or require an advance on content that has yet to be created. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of products that fits how you want to run your channel.

Q. Is this a loan?

A. No, you will not be asked to repay the money offered by Viewture.

Q. I am with a network, can I still strike a deal?

A. Most of our creators are! Viewture already work with many networks worldwide. We are happy to work with independent creators or creators within an MCN.

Q. I have another question not listed here. How can I get in touch?

A. We respond promptly to all creator queries. Please contact for any further assistance.