How can Viewture aid Creators in their ambitions?

As a content creator, you may be wondering what exactly is Viewture? What do we do? And how do we help Creators succeed?


As a content creator, you may be wondering what exactly is Viewture? What do we do? And how do we help Creators succeed?

Put simply, Viewture provides up-front capital to content creators as an advance on their future advertising revenue. We use data analytics to predict future AdSense income to produce innovative funding solutions.

Our funding opportunities are focused upon the creators’ preference – whether it be an advance on revenue from previous videos or invested capital for revenue from future videos. We structure deals tailored to suit creators ambitions and needs. We are in it for the long-term, so we want lasting relationships based on mutual reward. Deals that will accelerate a Creator’s success.

For us, creativity is everything. Unrestricted freedom of expression. We want no tie-ins or influence. Either over what our Creators produce or the IP of their channel.

So, what exactly is the process?

We ask creators to connect their channel via our homepage’s ‘Connect’ button. Once their channel is connected, our data team will be granted a Google verified O-Auth code to begin the data analysis. Once we configure the data, we will come back to the creator with a unique full channel valuation offer, including the full upfront payment and other terms of the agreement. After the contracts are signed, Viewture pays the creator the agreed lump sum. Then for the length of the deal, all monthly AdSense payments are directed to Viewture. Deals are normally three or five years in duration. However, Viewture prides itself on being flexible with the terms of the agreements. At the end of the deal, all AdSense payments revert back to the creator.

With these funds, Creators can safeguard their income for years to come. They may want to invest in growing their YouTube channel by, for example, hiring a production team or investing in their next big project. Alternatively, they may want to invest the funds into fulfilling their life ambitions outside the YouTube space. Whatever it is, we are here to provide them with the foundation to pursue their dreams.

With YouTube being the second most visited site in the world, YouTube’s content Creators will continue to entertain, inform and influence us more than just about any other media source. We want to provide content Creators with freedom to express themselves uninhibited by money constraints or worries.

So, what are you waiting for?

Shape Your Future.