Trek to Everest Base Camp

Imagine this: You’re about to embark on a trek to Everest Base Camp and before you reach your starting destination...



You’re about to embark on a trek to Everest Base Camp and before you reach your starting destination, you’re told you have to substitute your mode of transport from plane to helicopter due to strong winds and very poor visibility. There’s not enough room for your luggage, only the clothes on your back. This is just one of the escapades Viewture’s Director of Analytics had to face during his recent trip to the Himalayas. You will be glad to hear Doug did eventually accomplish this incredible feat and we couldn’t be more proud of him. We loved hearing his updates in the office and are so glad to have him back in one piece.

Here is an excerpt from his trip:

“Recently, I took part in a trekking challenge to the Everest Base camp in the Himalayas. 
This trek has not only been a physical challenge but a mental one too.

I have had to overcome my fear of flying by the substitution of a plane to a helicopter into Lukla, due to the bad weather and poor visibility. 
My luggage had to be left behind, until further notice leaving me to spend the first four days of my trip in the same clothes. 

It must be said, I was off to a rocky start… 

However, once my luggage arrived and I got to experience Sherpa culture staying in tea houses in Namche Bazar, I was in higher spirits as I began my journey through the Khumbu Valley. With Everest looming over, I visited Tengbouche Monastery and ventured through the Chukung Valley towards Lobuche, where I began my ascent towards the Everest Base Camp. 

The next few days were the hardest. Believe me when I say this trip breaks you down 10 times a day. Battling headaches, breathlessness and cold weather, it was both mentally and physically exhausting. I was on the brink of tears as I watched my pole drop down the cliff face into the abyss…. It was retrieved eventually, but trekking at 17,000ft above sea level really does make you a bit emotional. With great struggle, yet, persisting endurance, I am proud to have finally arrived at the Everest Base Camp!

I would just like to thank my friends, family and team at Viewture for supporting me on this once in a lifetime trip, and I look forward to seeing them all once I arrive home.”